About the Project

The objective of the Bridging Accounting Research Methodologies (BAM) is to establish a long-lasting exchange platform for early career researchers in accounting. Through conferences/workshops and lecture series we aim to facilitate networking opportunities, provide research support through peer feedback, and foster new research ideas that encompass different methodologies in accounting research.

This network aims to help early-career researchers to overcome challenges such as limited opportunities for feedback, difficulty of getting published in top journals, limited exposure, or methodology selection. It addresses these challenges by providing a supportive environment and facilitating collaboration.

BAM Network is supported by Rhein-Main University Alliance Funding line „ECR“ in RMU Initiative Funding for Research.



JProf. Dr. Sandra Kronenberger

Assistant Professor at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (Chair of Accounting)

Fields of interests: corporate governance, financial accounting, debt contracting, auditing



Prof. Dr. Sara Bormann

Associate Professor at Goethe-University Frankfurt (Chair of Accounting, especially Management Control)

Fields of interests: managerial accounting, relational contracts, personality traits


Dr. Julia Ortner

Research & Teaching Assistant at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (Chair of Management Accounting)

Fields of interests: agency theory, board compensation, health economics 


Dr. Christian Friedrich

Postdoc at University of Mannheim (Chair of Accounting & Capital Markets)

Fields of interests: auditing, investor behavior and behavioral accounting research, non-financial disclosure


Dr. Marc Berninger

Lecturer and Research Fellow at Technical University Darmstadt (Chair of Corporate Finance)

Fields of interests: optimal design of regulation of capital markets