Network Activities

Our project focuses on three activities:


1. Junior Research Conference/Workshop

The conference/workshop will enable the young researchers to extensively present their work and receive valuable feedback and detailed discussions from their peers.

The 1st BAM Junior Conference/Workshop will take place at TU Darmstadt on September 26th and 27th.


2. Ideas Market

The goal of the ideas market is to foster exchange and collaboration, with a special emphasis on multi-method research. It will specifically focus on the innovation potential. This activity aims at creating new research opportunities and acquiring co-authors, which can lead to new research ideas, joint research projects and joint project applications in the future.

The 1st BAM ideas market will take place at TU Darmstadt on September 27th.


3. Invited Lecture Series

Once a year we will organize lecture series, where we will invite prominent researchers to present their current research, new ideas, and methodologies.


News and Upcoming Events:

Conference & Ideas Market:  1st BAM Junior Conference/Workshop and Ideas Market - TU Darmstadt, September 26th and 27th, 2024

Lecture series: tba